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Hello friends,

If you are a lover of biological diversity and adventures, it is a pleasure to see you visiting our site.

Tico Rainforest is located in the Northeast Costa Rica, and it is less than two hours from it's Capital, San José. Our region is privileged to be highly recognized for our global biodiversity and can be characterized for hosting more than 900 species of birds, more than 3000 plant species, more than 120 mammals, 87 species of reptiles and more than 50 amphibians. And many of them only exist here. No other country can claim such diversity.

Our average annual temperature is 26 degrees centigrade (74 degrees Fahrenheit) with an annual precipitation rate between 4000 and 10000 mm (roughly 40 inches to 100 inches), which is distinctive of the rainforest.

Tico Rainforest has accommodations for your vacation in a harmonious environment, so you will be in just the right place to enjoy your trip.

Besides that, part of our pride is that on our property alone, we have 209 different species of birds, which makes us a special place for people who love bird watching and photography. There is also a river that is very well known because of its calm waters that runs along wild forest that embrace important biological stations such as La Selva Biological Station and others.

Ten minutes from our home we have 16 acres of secondary forest where you will find plenty of species of flora and fauna true to our environment, including trees that grow naturally that are in danger of extinction.

Our strategic location allows our visitors to go investigate other sites such as volcanoes, National Parks, Biological Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, and in addition, to perform other adventure activities like river floating, canopy rides and hiking, among others.

About Us
We are a long-term family in the area with awareness about nature; we all have professional training in the field and we take care of our visitors. One of us works for the environmental protection division of the Costa Rica government: the other is a Forestry Engineer.

Our passion for what we do makes us offer our visitors the best conditions to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

We offer four services: traditional tours, natural history, adventure, and scientific tourism.

Don’t hesitate; we await your visit.

Victor, Magda and María José Araya 

Videos taken by our visitors:  VIDEO 1:  VIDEO 2

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